Recurring Cleaning

Our Options:
  • Standard Recurrent Monthly Cleaning
  • Standard Recurrent Weekly Cleaning
  • Standard Recurrent Bi-Weekly Cleaning
Our Value:

We understand how quickly the week can get away from you. Whether is taking care of the kids or keeping up with work, sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to keep up with everything. We want you to spend that time at the end of the day relaxing, not stressed about the state of your house. It can be such a stress reliever to come home and see a beautiful, clean home. It relieves your stress and allows you to spend quality time with your family and guests without having clutter on your mind.

What's Included?

SCRUB: Outside stove, kitchen sink, microwave (inside & outside) , bathtub & shower, bathroom sink, toilet, tile and floor
WIPE DOWN: Kitchen counters , countertops, outside appliances, outside cabinetry, outside refrigerator, outside oven/range, outside dishwasher, exterior ventilation hood, tabletops, furniture and shelves
DUST: Ceilings, corners, walls, light fixtures, tv’s, computer monitors, ceiling fans, door frames, baseboards, & crown moldings
VACUUM: Floors, rugs, stairs, & under furniture